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Are you looking for Battery Service for your vehicle?

An optimally functioning car battery is essential to ensure that all electrical components of your vehicle working smoothly. Experts recommend opting for a professional car battery check and servicing at regular intervals for optimal car battery efficiency.

Yama Motors is a reliable service station extending best-in-class automobile services at nominal rates. Our facility comes with a team of experienced technicians skilled at providing solutions for issues related to vehicular parts, including batteries.

Telltale signs of a failing vehicular battery

Given below are five signs that indicate that a vehicle’s battery is failing:

Bloated car battery

A bloated battery case is one of the most significant signs of a faulty or dying car battery. Make sure to replace the dying battery at the earliest.

Dim headlights

A failing battery cannot fully power the car’s electrical components like headlights. It can make the headlights glow dim or weaker than usual; take note of any such condition and reach us for professional services of car battery Faringdon.

It requires pressing the gas pedal to start the vehicle

Ideally, your vehicle should not require gas to start. If you need to do so, you may most likely be dealing with a failing battery.

Engine backfiring

A failing battery can lead to intermittent sparks, further resulting in fuel accumulation in cylinders. This accumulated fuel ignites suddenly and with a greater force, resulting in a backfire.

Slow crank

When turning the key, if you notice that the engine cranks more sluggishly or slowly than usual, the vehicle’s battery is likely to die.

Reasons for a battery failure

Usually, car batteries last for up to 5 years, depending on the wear and tear and climatic conditions. However, improper maintenance can drastically lower their life span. Besides that, the following factors can affect the longevity and performance of a car battery:

  • Heavy corrosion
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Corroded wirings
  • Faulty alternators
  • Electrical drain
  • Flawed battery installation and others

Why choose Yama Motors?

We conduct a thorough inspection of every component of a car battery, including cables, terminals, battery fluid, charging system, etc. If any part appears highly damaged, we offer cost-effective services for car battery replacement Faringdon, where we only use OE-grade spares for reliable performance.

Moreover, we also top up the battery fluid if it isn’t within the optimal level as the manufacturer has specified.

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