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Visit Yama Motors at 10 Pioneer Rd, Faringdon SN7 7BU, a reliable name in the automotive sector; you can bring in your vehicle and leave the rest to the tyre specialists at our facility!

Our facility hosts a remarkable collection of quality car tyres spread across different sizes, price brackets and variants; our Tyre specialists guide you through the various tyre categories, helping you choose the most suitable tyre set.

The various tyre brands you will find at our facility are Michelin, Falken, Dunlop, Pirelli, Churchill, Continental and others.

Online tyre sale at Yama Motors

Now you can place an order for your desired set of tyres from the comfort of your place via this website that has a tyre finder tool. This tool accepts vehicle registration numbers or tyre sizes and lets you choose your desired model from the virtually displayed collection of suitable tyres. Our website also enables you to opt in-house tyre-fitting facility.

A glance through the different tyre variants at Yama Motors

At Yama Motors, you can buy car tyres Faringdon belonging to the following categories:

Winter tyres

Winter tyres have high natural rubber content that keeps them supple in cold conditions. The numerous tiny grooves and sipes in the tread blocks of the winter variant bite into the ice, snow and slush to offer an optimal grip on the road surface; it helps disperse water and thereby prevent aquaplaning. These season specialists deliver the best performance below 7 degrees C.

Summer tyres

Summer tyres come with a hard compound that adapts to wet and dry road surfaces. A simple block-shaped tread pattern offering a large footprint on the road surface lets the summer tyre significantly impact the braking distance and ensures superb handling.

All-season tyres

This variant combines the characteristics of both winter and summer tyres which makes it capable of adapting to varying weather conditions. It comes with a silica-infused tread compound and moderate tread depth that helps avoid the cost of seasonal tyre replacement. However, an all-season tyre is a model suitable for mild temperatures only.

Run-flat tyres

Run-flat tyres come engineered to keep working for a specific distance even after suffering a puncture. The tyre can withhold the car weight and the weight of its occupants after a blowout. It implies that there isn’t any risk of the tyre coming off and the wheel getting damaged. Also, the punctured tyre can more or less maintain its shape for a certain period.

4x4 tyres

In 4x4 variants, the tread is deeper and comprises larger tread gaps than that of a standard tyre. This design helps maintain traction in adverse driving conditions by ensuring that the rubber has adequate contact with the road. The robust structure makes them less prone to punctures or damage.

Besides these, you can also turn to us to buy performance tyres of all sizes.

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