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Are you looking for Full Service for your vehicle?

Looking for full car servicing Faringdon at affordable rates?

At Yama Motors, we provide comprehensive full car service Faringdon for all car makes and models.

Our experienced technicians use cutting-edge equipment to inspect various internal and external components of your car to ensure all the parts are in their optimal condition.

Let us find out more about our full servicing below.

Why opt for full car servicing?

Full car servicing will help fetch higher resale value if you wish to sell your car in the future. Generally, it is recommended for car owners to opt for full service every 12,000 miles or 12 months (whichever is early).

However, it is best to go through the manufacturer’s recommendation of your car to determine the frequency of servicing suitable for it.

You can also visit us for personal consultations and customised solutions.

What comprises our full car servicing?

As mentioned, our full service Faringdon comes with 77 checks, including the interim checks too. Our full service will include:

Steering and suspension check

Our experts will inspect the wheel bearings, steering rack gaiters, shock absorbers, springs, struts, bars, linkages, bushings, steering column, etc. If they find any faults with these components, they will replace them with OE-grade spares.

Engine check

The condition of the radiator, alternator belt, spark plugs, timing belt, etc., will be inspected. A desired course of action is followed based on this inspection.

Furthermore, we will check the coolant and engine oil level and provide a top-up if necessary.

Apart from this, our full car servicing Faringdon also includes:

  • Inspection of the clutch operation
  • Brake fluid check
  • Driveshaft gaiters check
  • Topping up gearbox fluid
  • Brake pad inspection
  • Exhaust system check
  • Tyres and wheels check
  • General body check
  • Number plate condition checks, etc.

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