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Then, Yama Motors is your go-to destination. We are a reliable automotive facility providing best-in-class vehicular services at reasonable rates, including suspension checks and replacements.

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Causes of suspension damage

Several factors lead to suspension system issues. Some are listed below:

  • Driving on uneven terrain
  • Worn-out components in the system
  • Rusty suspension system

Identifying suspension issues

Below-mentioned are the symptoms of a faulty suspension system:

Uneven tyre wear

If there is an issue with the suspension system, you will notice uneven tyre wear. It indicates that your car’s suspension system cannot hold the vehicle weight evenly, thereby exerting pressure on one of the tyres. It is going to affect vehicle performance and driving experience.

Greasy shock absorbers

Do you see grease or oil on the shock absorbers of the suspension?

It can indicate leakage in the suspension system. Make sure to contact a facility like ours for a professional check.

Bumpy drive

Have you been feeling road bumps lately?

It is a primary indicator of a faulty suspension. If this problem persists, know that it is due to damaged shock absorbers. It is vital to contact a professional facility for an immediate suspension check.

Drifting vehicle

Does your car drift in another direction when you take a turn?

Your car may be exhibiting such an issue due to defective coil springs.

Our experts will inspect the various suspension components to detect the root cause.

Note: Ignoring these symptoms will lead to a poor driving experience and potentially result in safety-related issues.

Why choose us?

As 100% customer satisfaction is our primary objective, we only equip advanced and best-in-class equipment to help our technicians deliver reliable and accurate car services.

Our experts will thoroughly check the suspension system before providing you with a solution. Then, depending on the extent of the underlying damage, we will decide on a suitable course of action for your car.

The parts that we inspect include:

  • Springs
  • Dampers
  • Struts
  • Linkages
  • Bushings
  • Shock absorber and more

Please note that it is not ideal for repairing damaged car suspension components.

Hence, our experts will offer a reliable suspension replacement Faringdon using OE-grade spares.

Moreover, our services are cost-effective, making us one of the sought-after facilities in Faringdon.

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