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If you are looking to place an online order for car tyres Faringdon, it is essential to understand your vehicle’s tyre size.

It is an alphanumeric code found on the tyre sidewall or the fuel cap hatch. This code can be tough to decipher for several individuals. If you, too, are struggling to understand tyre size, we suggest taking the help of experts at Yama Motors. We are a trusted automotive service station with a team of automobile experts who strive to help customers choose a perfectly sized tyre model.

A guide to tyre size

To understand how to read tyre size, let’s consider an example. Suppose the size of a particular tyre reads as 195/55 R16 87 V. Listed below are various elements of the code:

Tyre width

The first three numbers denote tyre width. Here, it is 195. It refers to the measurement in millimetres from a tyre’s inner sidewall to the outer sidewall.

Aspect ratio

The aspect ratio or profile is a sidewall’s height as a percentage of tyre width. For this case, 55 implies the sidewall height is 55% of the tyre’s section width (195 mm). The more the aspect ratio, the higher will be the sidewall.

Construction type

The letter R refers to the radial construction for this tyre.

Rim diameter

Next, the number 16 denotes the tyre’s rim diameter, measured in inches.

Load index

The load index tells you about the maximum load (in kg) that a tyre can carry at optimum speed. Here, number 87 is the load index which, as per the tyre load rating table, denotes a max load of 545 kg.

Speed symbol

The final character refers to the maximum speed a tyre can run at, carrying the highest permissible load. In this case, V denotes 149 miles/hour as per the tyre speed rating table.

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