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Dunlop Tyres

Dunlop is an iconic tyre brand with more than 130 years of history in the field. The brand has pioneered groundbreaking innovations in vehicular performance and safety. The Touch Technology of Dunlop reflects Dunlop’s product development approach– the tyres allow motorists to experience safe driving and an enhanced driving experience.

If you are looking for Dunlop tyres Faringdon, come down to Yama Motors without a second thought. We are a trusted retailer with a vast inventory comprising quality tyres across various sizes, categories and price brackets.

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The different categories of Dunlop tyres that you will find in our inventory include:

  • Run-flat tyres
  • Performance tyres
  • 4x4 tyres
  • Summer tyres
  • Winter tyres
  • All-season tyres

Read on to know more about some of our most demanded Dunlop tyre variants at our facility.

Winter variant: WINTER SPORT 5

The WINTER SPORT 5 model delivers outstanding lateral grip on slippery surfaces and improved performance on snowy surfaces.

All-Season variant: Dunlop Grandtrek® AT20™

This all-season variant from the house of Dunlop comes with a Multi-Pitch Tread Design Technology™ that helps lower noise, delivering a quiet ride.

Summer variant: SPORT MAXX RACE 2

It is a premium sports car tyre offering superb grip in dry conditions and excellent stability at high speeds.

Besides these, you can also buy Dunlop tyres Faringdon from performance, run-flat and 4x4 categories.

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