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Are you looking for Wheel Alignment for your vehicle?

While driving, you may notice your vehicle drifting towards a particular side. If that’s the case, the vehicle’s wheels are likely misaligned. Ensure opting for professional wheel alignment Faringdon from a reliable service station.

But are you aware of what kind of wheel alignment to opt for with your vehicle?

Not all four wheels of your vehicle need to be aligned. It may only require a 2-wheel alignment.

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Symptoms of misaligned wheels

Apart from a vehicle drifting towards a particular side, other signs imply your car wheels are misaligned. Some of these are:

Off-centred steering wheel

While driving down a flat and straight road, the vehicle’s steering wheel must stay straight and not off-centred. If you find the car wheel steering off-centred, it can be due to inaccurate wheel alignment. Consider visiting our facility for professional services of wheel alignment checks and rectifications.

Uneven tyre wear

Treads on a vehicle’s tyres with asymmetric and uneven wear indicate misaligned wheels. Such tyre wear can be scalloping, excessive outer tyre wear or excessive inner tyre wear.

Squealing tyres

Uneven tyre wear due to misalignment can make the tyre unit squeal while accelerating the vehicle or taking turns. Besides misaligned wheels, there can be other reasons for squealing tyres. It includes worn brake pads. So, it is imperative to get the wheel angles checked if your car tyres squeal.

Have you been noticing any of the above symptoms? Contact our experts without any delay.

Causes of wheel misalignment

Following are three major causes of misaligned wheels:

  • Sudden heavy impact: The condition occurs due to a road accident, bumping a curb or hitting something like a pothole.
  • Worn vehicular components: Over time, components like suspension springs can wear out, causing wheel misalignment.
  • Height modification: Suspension works at a particular height. Adjusting vehicle height without correcting the suspension can lead to misaligned wheels.

How do we perform 2-wheel alignment?

Our expert technicians adjust the front wheels parallel to the centre of the car. For a front-wheel or 2-wheel alignment, our technicians will correct the following wheel angles:


It represents the angle formed between a car’s vertical axis and the vertical axis of the wheels. Faults with the camber angle can significantly impact vehicle acceleration and hamper its cornering precision.


It is the angle formed between a car’s steering axis and the vertical axis of its wheels. An impact on the caster angle can affect the vehicle’s steering precision.


Toe angle is the wheel makes either away from or towards the centre line, as seen from the bird-eye view. Its angle defects impact the manoeuvrability of a vehicle.

We will detect the misalignments and restore them to the manufacturer’s recommendations using advanced aligners.

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