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Are you looking for Wheel Balancing for your vehicle?

Are you experiencing odd vibrations on your car steering lately?

It might indicate that your car wheels are out of balance. Out of balance wheels can impact the suspension system and the tyres, leading to major safety-related issues.

Yama Motors offers reliable and cost-effective services of wheel balancing Faringdon using top-grade tools and machines.

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When should you opt for wheel balancing?

If you notice any of the following issues, it is time for you to opt for a professional wheel balancing check and rectification:

Uneven tyre wear

Have you noticed asymmetric tread wear patterns along the edges of your car tyres?

It can occur due to faulty distribution of weight across the wheels.

Make sure to contact our facility without any second thoughts!

Decreased fuel economy

If you notice that your vehicle is consuming more fuel than it usually does, know that it might be due to unbalanced wheels.

Driving with unbalanced wheels can stress your car engine, impacting its fuel efficiency.

Therefore, visiting a reliable facility to address any such issues is necessary. You can consult our experts at Yama Motors.

Note: Experts recommend wheel balancing every 6000-8000km and after installing new tyres. However, this figure might vary per your vehicle model or driving patterns.

How do we perform wheel balancing?

We carry out wheel balancing Faringdon in a 4-step process:

Step 1: We will dismount all four tyres and place them in our best-in-class advanced computerised wheel balancer.

Step 2: We inspect each tyre individually to locate the discrepancy. We will take the computer readings to confirm any irregularities.

Step 3: We restore the weight by placing counterweights on different spots as per the readings.

Step 4: We again place the tyres on the balancer to check if the discrepancy has been eliminated or not.

So, quit looking for a ‘wheel balancing workshop near me’ and come to our facility for the best-in-class wheel balancing service.

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Got any more questions?

You can drop a mail at info@yamamotors.co.uk.

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