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Are you looking for Winter Check for your vehicle?

Winter months in the UK come with snow, excessive fog and extreme temperatures setting a wide range of challenges for car owners. To ensure optimal vehicle performance during winters, you must opt for a routine winter check Faringdon to avoid sudden breakdowns or other vehicular issues.

At Yama Motors, we offer comprehensive winter checks at market-best rates. Our professionals will first inspect the vehicle and detect any underlying issues, after which they suggest repair or replacement based on its severity.

Moreover, we only use advanced tools and the latest techniques to resolve the issues after seeking your consent.

Services we offer

Here are some checks that we cover under our car winter check Faringdon:

Engine oil

We will check the engine oil level of your vehicle and then provide a refill if required. An optimal engine oil level will ensure your car components remain adequately lubricated during winters.

Batteries check

Extreme cold temperatures can impact your car’s batteries. Hence, we recommend getting it checked from a reliable facility like ours. Our technicians will inspect the following parts and check whether they are functioning optimally or not:

  • Charging system
  • Alternator
  • Cables

If they find any faults in these areas, they recommend battery replacement and will only use OE-grade spares during replacements.

Coolant and antifreeze

The coolant and antifreeze of your car should be in a 50:50 mix for proper temperature regulation of the car engine. Therefore, we will check coolant and antifreeze levels and refill them if necessary.

Besides, there are several other checks under our car winter check Faringdon. They include:

  • Windscreen and wiper inspection
  • Checks on electrical components, etc.
  • Tyre checks and more

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